San Juan Pump Co. has built a relationship with some of the most trusted water treatment and pump product manufacturers. Read up on some of the products we use for our projects. If you have any questions about the products we use, call us at (970) 275-2628.

Franklin Electric water pump products

Franklin Electric Products

Franklin Electric is the brand we use for our Water Pumping Products. They have been manufacturing complete pumping systems since 1944. Throughout the years, they now offer a complete line of water pumps, motors, drives and controls. Franklin Electric also specializes in the water transfer market with products that include wastewater pumps; sump, sewage and effluent pumps; de-watering and trash pumps; condensate pumps; magnetic drive pumps; low pressure sewer systems; water garden pumps and products; and a wide variety of utility pumps. To this day, they are the world’s largest manufacturer of submersible water well systems.

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Water-Right filtration system

Water-Right Products

San Juan Pump Co. uses Water-Right Products for all our Water Treatment Products. We love their products are made in the USA! Water-Right carries some of the most innovative water treatment solution products. You can trust this water treatment brand to protect your family with its ability to produce free chlorine from brine to remove iron and sulfur bacteria odors from the media bed with every regeneration.

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